Intervention Design Specialist

Intervention Design Specialists (IDS) are engaged in direct student support and assist the Mental Health Support Team in maintaining a positive school climate.

At the elementary level,  IDS staff may work directly in the classroom to support a specific student in developing new coping strategies while also supporting the classmates and the classroom teacher in using response strategies that foster more adaptive behaviors. These intensive interventions are generally short-term (8-12 weeks) and include routine team meetings to ensure consistent goals.

In the secondary settings, IDS staff work to provide flexible and therapeutic work spaces for students who may need intermittent breaks, alternative learning environments or engagement with alternative course work. These settings are designed to provide a secure base for students and may also serve to help students learn alternative behaviors in response to or as prevention of out of school suspension experiences. IDS staff collaborate with secondary teachers and administrators to develop learning plans for students experiencing academic and behavioral difficulty or are experiencing significant credit deficiencies due to mental health needs.