Career and Technical Education

Why should students choose CTE?

1. Robust academic knowledge and competitive advantage over peers.
2. See and experience what's out there pertaining to in-demand careers.
3. Exploring all paths so that each student can choose their destination and be career AND college ready. 

Bedford County Public Schools Career and Technical Education programs offer cutting-edge experiences for students to explore a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand career pathways. Whether a student plans to attend college, join the military or begin work right after high school, BCPS provides opportunities to support every student’s career dream and equip them with sought-after industry credentials, growing opportunities for dual enrollment and internships with local business partners. *Please note that credentialing options associated with particular courses are dependent on student progress and attendance. Credentialing options may also be customized to meet individual student needs. For more information, contact the related instructor or explore the VDOE website.

CTE courses are offered at each middle and high school in the school division. In middle school, CTE options are offered as an exploratory experience to help introduce students to elective opportunities that they may want to pursue in high school.

High school CTE course offerings are organized into seven major program areas. Specific course offerings in Agriculture, Business and Information Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, Jr. Reserve Officer's Training Corps (JROTC), Technology Education, and Trade and Industrial program areas are outlined in the Bedford County Public Schools' Program of Studies

For high school students, Susie G. Gibson Science and Technology Center (SGSTC) is the CTE hub that connects students to specialized CTE courses that reward them with credentials, certifications and real-world experience that stands out to colleges and employers. More information may be found on the Susie G. Gibson website

For more on CTE and how it's impacting students in BCPS, click here!

Additional information for Parents/Guardians

Postsecondary Education and Employment Data:
Each school board’s career and technical education program must include annual notice on its website to enrolled high school students and their parents of the availability of the postsecondary education and employment data published by the State Council of Higher Education and the opportunity for such students to obtain a nationally recognized career readiness certificate at a local public high school, comprehensive community college or workforce center. Va. Code § 22.1- 253.13:1.D.3.d.

The State Council of Higher Education website

For more information contact:
Trevor Hoss
Supervisor of CTE and Workplace Readiness
[email protected]