BCPS School Points of Contact

AEC/BCRL Curtis Hetherington 540-586-1270 [email protected]
BES Laken Moorefield 540-586-0275   [email protected]
BIES Kayla Petty 434-299-5863  [email protected]
BNES Jonathan Demaio 434-384-2881  [email protected]
BPS Cheryl Musgrove 540-586-8339  [email protected]
Susie G. Gibson Troy Doss 540-586-3933  [email protected]
FES Lorri Manley 434-525-2681  [email protected]
FMS Kris Gilley 434-525-6630  [email protected]
GES Octavia Davis 540-892-5674   [email protected]
HES Jeff Guerin
Ashley Ferrell
540-297-5144  [email protected]
 [email protected]
JFHS Marcy Ferris 434-525-2674  [email protected]
LHS Veronica Northrup 540-586-2541  [email protected]
LMS Lindsey Davenport 540-586-7735  [email protected]
MNES Johnay Lee
Deena Mustard
540-297-4411  [email protected]
 [email protected]
MVES Kevin Spaulding
Susan Blanding
540-947-2241  [email protected]
 [email protected]
NLA Joel Abe 434-525-2177  [email protected]
ORES Bethany Lyle 540-586-9210  [email protected]
SES Jill Sage 540-890-2174  [email protected]
SRHS Candice Tinsley 540-297-7151  [email protected]
SRMS Amanda Heffelfinger 540-297-4152 [email protected]
TJES Carolyn Coffey 434-534-6159  [email protected]

McKinney-Vento Technical Assistance Form (for Point of Contact and Liaison use)