Strategic Planning

Bedford County Public Schools empowering learners for future success!

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Empowering learners for future success

Core Values:
ENERGIZE the learning process by creating safe and dynamic environments.
Focus on LEARNERS.
CHALLENGE learners to reach personal goals every day.
COLLABORATE with staff, families, and the community to support learning.


  • Make informed decisions about how, where, and when to learn
  • Progress academically regardless of how, where, or when learning occurred
  • Participate in community-based projects and internships
  • Earn college and workplace credentials as a regular part of their school experience
  • Utilize the latest innovations and technological advances to learn at school, at home, and in the community

Cultural Norms - Putting our Core Values into Practice

  • Seek first to understand before being understood. - Collaborate/Integrity
  • Distinguish between a person and their behavior. - Collaborate
  • Keep your promises. - Integrity
  • Assume the best in others and recognize their strengths. - Challenge/Collaborate/Energize/Learners
  • Taking risks should be encouraged and supported at all levels. - Challenge/Collaborate/Energize
  • Make decisions based on the impact to learners. - Energize/Learners
  • Encourage and support learners to become self-advocates. - Challenge/Energize/Learners
  • Freely share resources and best practices (including mistakes) with others. - Collaborate/Integrity
  • Making mistakes ("fail forward") is an expected outcome of any learning process or innovative practice. - Challenge/Energize/Learners

Goals & Strategies

Goal: Prepare learners for their future careers


  • Improve student readiness to learn when entering Kindergarten 
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive student wellness program
  • Improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students 
  • Expand opportunities for learners to earn college degrees/credits and industry credentials 
  • Increase participation in Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) opportunities 
  • Increase work-based learning experiences

Goal: Create personalized learning experiences for all students


  • Strengthen and expand alternative education opportunities 
  • Transform learning spaces to enhance personalized learning 
  • Empower schools to design personalized learning models for all learners 
  • Provide learners with a computer or other device to facilitate learning at school, home, and other locations 
  • Develop/revise policies and regulations to support personalized learning 
  • Train teachers and other staff to facilitate personalized learning 

Goal: Enhance family and community support for learning


  • Solicit investments for the school division from government and private sources 
  • Encourage and equip family and community partners to support learning 
  • Expand broadband coverage so that all learners can access the internet from home

Goal: Support learning through responsible fiscal and human resource management


  • Develop and implement a comprehensive employee wellness program 
  • Recruit and retain teachers and support staff by improving compensation and other factors
  • Create multi-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 
  • Maintain safe learning environments

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