Social Studies

The History and Social Science Standards of Learning are designed to:

• develop the knowledge and skills of history, geography, civics, and economics that enable students to place the people, ideas, and events that have shaped our state and our nation in perspective;

• instill in students a thoughtful pride in the history of America through an understanding that what “We the People of the United States” launched more than two centuries ago was not a perfect union, but a continual effort to build a “more perfect” union, one which has become the world’s most successful example of constitutional self-government;

• enable students to understand the basic values, principles, and operation of American constitutional democracy;

• prepare students for informed, responsible, and participatory citizenship;

• develop students’ skills in debate, discussion, and writing; and

• provide students with a framework for continuing education in history and the social sciences.


History and social science skills are a key component of understanding historical, geographic, political, and economic events or trends. They are the tools used to increase student understanding of the history and social science curriculum. The development of these skills is also important in order for students to become better-informed citizens. Note: The skills will not be assessed in isolation; rather, they will be assessed as part of the content in the History and Social Science Standards of Learning.

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                                   VDOE Crosswalk Document                                           
Crosswalk Document (showing changes from 2008 to 2015 standards)
Assessment Supplement (showing 2008 content that must be taught with 2015 standards for                                                   Virginia Studies, Civics, WHI, WHII, WG, and US/VA History)

                                      Virtual Teaching Tools                                           

  • Padlet: Students can share ideas and reflect collaboratively
  • Tellagami: Students can create their own avatar, choose a background, and record audio to make a fun cartoon
  • Thinglink: Students can take an image from the web and connect anything to it: videos, articles, their writing, or photos
  • Powtoon: Create free video presentations, similar to PPT, but more options!
  • Quizizz: A great game you can play together or assign students to play independently
  • Canva: Graphics galore. Gives students the opportunity to create eye-popping digital posters with text, word art, and images.
  • Quizlet: An old favorite, but it has a lot of new options.

                                  2020-2021 Free Virtual Resources                               
Education at Library of Virginia
Go Open VA
PBS Learning Media
Google Expedition App
National Geographic
Smithsonian Distance Learning
New American History
National Museum of African American History and Culture

                                  Elementary Social Studies and History                            
 Curriculum Maps K-5
 Active Classroom Strategies: Emphasizing the Skills 
 Content Literacy Resources for Grades K-5                
                                      Middle School History                                                    
Curriculum Maps         
Active Classroom Strategies: Emphasizing the Skills  
Content Literacy Resources for Grade 6-12
                                       High School History                                                      
Curriculum Maps
Active Classroom Strategies: Emphasizing the Skills   
Content Literacy Resources for Grades 6-12
                                   Unpacking the Standards                                              
Unpacking the Standards PPT                   
                             Alternative Assessment Information                                  
Alternate Assessment Tasks (must be signed into Bedford Google account)
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