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Schedule for the Review of World Language Standards of Learning

On January 23, 2020, the Board of Education approved the timeline for the review and revision of the World Language Standards of Learning (SOL).

Instructional Resources from the VDOE

Includes: Introduction to proficiency, skills progression charts, additional resources, and glossary of terms

Goals and Strands for Modern World Languages

The World Language Standards of Learning for modern world languages are organized into broad learning outcomes and concepts or goals, i.e., what students are to learn. The intent of each goal is specified by strands that describe categories of desired learning outcomes in world languages. For each strand, standards identify specifically what students will know and be able to do in each area by the end of a course.


Achieving linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding is a long-term endeavor, requiring further experiences beyond the classroom setting. Within the scope of the level of study, students will be able to perform with reasonable success in the four areas below.

Effective Communication

Students will:

  • Communicate with others in a language other than English. Improve their understanding of and ability to communicate in the English language by comparing and contrasting another language with their own.
Enhanced Cultural Understanding

Students will:

  • Develop an awareness of and an appreciation for another people’s unique way of life, the patterns of behavior which order their world, and the ideas and perspectives which guide their behaviors.
  • Develop an understanding of other cultures’ contributions to the world and how these contributions have shaped international perspectives.
Expanded Access to Information

Students will:

  • Connect with other disciplines through language study, which enables them to understand the interrelationships among content areas.
  • Access information in more than one language making available a greater range of authentic resources and a richer base of knowledge.
Increased Global Perspective

Students will:

  • Respond to and contribute to their communities and to the world in a more informed and effective manner as a result of the global perspective gained in a world language class.
  • Explore additional prospects for further education, career opportunities and personal fulfillment as a result of second language study.
Curriculum Maps

      French I           Latin I
      French II          Latin II
      French III           Latin III
      Pre AP French           Latin V
German     Spanish
      German I           Spanish I
      German II           Spanish II
      German III           Spanish III
      German IV           Spanish IV
      German V           Spanish V

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