Grading Information

We place an increased emphasis on assessing students formatively (along the way to provide feedback) and summatively (at the end of a unit of instruction).  Summative grades will make up at least 60% of students' quarter grades.  Formative assessments will be identified, count no more than 40% of a grade, and be used as feedback to help students learn concepts (includes homework which can count no more than 10%).

Teachers in all grade levels will be encouraged to tie assignments to specific learning standards in order to monitor student progress on these skills and concepts.  In grades K-2, report cards will be standards-based.  This type of feedback to students and parents gives specific information about what students have mastered and what they still need work on.

Grading and Exams

School Board policy and regulation IK and IKC govern grading and exam practices. The School Board may change these policies, and any revisions would supersede the summary printed in this document.

Report cards will be issued at nine-week intervals on the 5th day following the last day of the previous nine weeks period.  Final report cards will be mailed to students.  All students will be issued an interim after the end of the fourth week of the grading period. Students who are performing below a C or who receive an I (Incomplete) will receive a second interim after the end of the seventh week.

Nine-week grades for all courses will be calculated using the following scale. Quarter grades within a half-point will be rounded up to the nearest whole number when averaged.




Highly Proficient



Above Proficient






Below Proficient


Below 60

Insufficient Evidence of Proficiency


Incomplete work


A semester grade will be determined by averaging the two nine-week grades and the exam grade, which may not count for more than 10%. When determining a semester or final average, any nine-week average below 40 will be converted to a 40 for averaging purposes. The exam grade will not be used to determine the semester or final grade for students who are exempt from exams according to Policy IKC and choose not to take the final exam. The final grade will be determined by averaging the two semester grades together.


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